Low Budget Application Scalability, the Tale of Bligoo.com



I submmited a proposal for a panel in the next SXSW that will happen in Austin Texas next march.

This is the description of the talk. 


In this presentation we will show you how bootstrapped start-up Bligoo, a site creation platform from Chile, built it’s site using the Apache/Jboss/MySQL stack with a freemium business model. The site has over 500.000 registered users from every corner of Latin America and Spain who have built over 30.000 sites and created over 2 million different pages. Bligoo receives more than 8 million visitors every month, currently running over only 3 mid-range servers. At

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count(*) is the devil, stay away from it!

MyISAM, an aged MySQL engine with no transactional support and awful scalabililty spoiled many developers with an ultra fast count(*) implementation. But is ultra fast only when there is no conditions in the where part of the sentence.

At least in InnoDB (the common replacement for MySQL, at least until Maria gets more traction) every count(*) has to make a temporary table with all the matching lines and the count the lenght of the table.

There are two ways to deal with count(*).

1.- Don't use count(*) rather count(primaryKey).

     In InnoDB the primary key is always part of any index

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Stop global warming - Stop NoSQL

Made me laugh for a while :)

Webprendedor 2009 - Web Apps Scalability workshop (slides)

This are the slides of the talk I gave in #wp09 about scalability. They are in spanish but I will translate them to english in the near future.


Webprendedor 2009 - Web Apps Scalability workshop

This Nov 20th I will give a talk on the challenge of scalating a web application, main topics will be:

  • Plan to grow: While building your app, ALWAYS consider scalability.
  • Know your technology stack: From the file system to the edge cache.
  • Keep it simple: DB sharding, just say no.
  • Be ready to change: Have you considered NoSQL already?
  • Don't be lazy: Great for prototyping not necesarily means good for production.
  • Performance tunning: chasing the next bottleneck.

Check http://www.webprendedor.com for the rest of the workshops and related info.

Hibernate executeUpdate gotcha!!

Hibernate is one of the best object/relational persistence and query service. Basically it lets you code your application using POJOs and it takes care of persisting it to a RDBMS back-end. If you couple this with a HA/High performance cache service like JbossCache as a second level cache you get a very fast, high availability, easy to code solution, to manage the data in your application.

In Hibernate you can "find" the objects you need (using a primary key), modify them and the back-end will make sure the changes are propagated to the database. Hibernate also lets you use a

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Welcome to Bligoo


Hello! This is your first post. We wrote it down for you so you could see how it looks like, but feel free to erase or modify it if you want to: write down anything you want.

For any doubts or questions, please go to Bligoo's Kitchen and let everybody know what your doubts are, so yours can help others. We will orientate you through the process of creating your community and contacting others in Bligoo.

Good luck and thank you very much for using Bligoo as your community platform. We'll keep growing so we can provide a better service

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